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Cerisie is...

  • Accredited by ACCREDIA (formerly SINAL) National System for Laboratory Accreditation (ISO 17025) (Accreditation number 0048).
  • A laboratory certified by the National Railway. (Classif. TV. 101.2/1439/14.1/1 dated 25.03.77).
  • Entered in the Register of Highly Qualified External Public and Private Laboratories authorized, in accordance with Article 4 of Law 46 dated 17/02/1982 to carry out applied research in favour of small and medium enterprises (DM 16/06/83).
  • Mentioned in UNI-CUNA 10186 as an Official Laboratory for the preparation and supply of the reference mixtures to evaluate the service fluids used in road vehicles, farm machinery and earth moving machinery.
  • The organisations that control the calibration of Shore and and Shore D durometers in compliance with UNI ISO 7619.
  • Recognized by F.I.D.A.L., Italian Light Athletic Federation as an Official Laboratory for inspecting the physical requirements of light athletic surfaces (F.I.D.A.L. Circular 1/94).
  • Mentioned in UNI ISO 7619 as an Official Laboratory for the preparation and supply of disks with certified hardness for checking the calibration of Shore A, Shore D, IRHD normal and micro durometers.
  • Recognised by UCICIS, Union of Italian Manufacturers of Industrial Wagons and Similar Products as the Official Laboratory for the performing tests and wheels and complete supports for manual or towed propulsion according to UNI 10131 and ISO 2175 (ANIMA Tech. Off. Prot.10/4 - 6A/aa dated 21/01/79).
  • Recognized by AIRP, Italian Association of Tire Restorers as an Official Laboratory for determining the physical and mechanical characteristics of the rubber material used for restoring tires, according to Chapter AIRP LTH/90 (AIRP Secretary General, Letter dated 06/12/83).
  • Designated by the CIK-FIA International Karting Commission - International Automobile Federation as an official laboratory for racing tire certification.

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CERISIE is an asset of Assogomma